Rum n Gogo

Rum n GoGo nights are currently suspended

Thanks to everyone who supported the nights. Sign up for the newsletter and we will let you know when we start up again.

If you enjoyed these you may well like The Stewpot Club which features music from many decades including Northern Soul. Check out the next date here

Pat Da Kat is a top London DJ well known for bringing vintage music to the dancefloor to delight jivers and swing dancers. His latest venture highlights his love of soul, including Northern soul, 70’s and 80’s soul, Motown and also ska and reggae. This is a night with a real party atmosphere with great music to keep you dancing all night.

The club night features a great mix of music including classic soul from the 70s and 80s, Motown, Ska, Reggae and quite likely a little James Brown….check out the fab wooden floor and get inspired by some real cool dancers in this clip from a special night at The Royston in March.


The launch night of Rum n Gogo in January 2016 was well received and saw dancers with many different styles on the floor including some very stylish Northern Soul dancers.


If you want to learn how to dance Northern Soul style then here are some great videos to get you going.


Basic Northern Soul Shuffle


Northern Soul Shuffles and Slides


Northern Soul – Putting the basics together


Northern Soul Side Step and Basic Spin


Northern Soul Step


No matter what style of dance you do, you will enjoy the fantastic sprung wooden dancefloor at the Royston Ballroom and you will be welcomed. Only £5 entry so come on down and party Rum n GoGo style.